What We Do

Harnessing film and video to get your message heard

Film is THE tool with which to communicate a message in today’s multimedia society.

Humbledinger creates films that will get your message across to the people that matter. From the initial meeting where we chat about your ideas to scripting, shooting, editing and delivering your film – all you need to do is meet with us and we will do the rest.

Humbledinger offers a complete production package where we take care of all production processes or for those on a tighter budget, we are happy for you to choose which steps you want us to be involved in.

Humbledinger offers the following production process - it is up to you whether you want us to carry out all or any of the following steps:


- Initial meeting
- Planning
- Storyboarding and scripting
- Scheduling


- Shooting at one or various locations with one or multiple cameras and camera operators
- Interviews with or without our qualified journalist as the interviewer


- Editing (we can do this in house or on location)
- Graphics / animation
- Music
- Delivery (uploading to the internet, burning onto a DVD, screening live or sending the file to you)

Humbledinger employs a range of experienced and highly professional self-shooting directors, lighting DoP's, camera operators, editors and animators.

We can provide any number of freelance camera operators, editors, interviewers, producers and more for your particular project. We are also happy to talk to you about your project and advise you as to the crew you will need to create the best product.

Some of our work

Green Screen

Humbledinger also offers Green Screen shoots using our portable Green Screen set ups. Choose any background you want and have the flexibility of changing backgrounds by filming your interviews or a piece to camera with our Green Screens. From a portable full studio set up to a small pop up Green Screen, which we can bring to your location, we can offer the following and more:

  • Up to two people on screen at once using our full studio Green Screen kit
  • Filming head to toe interviews or a piece to camera using our full studio Green Screen kit
  • We can meet you at your location and film a piece to camera or interview with our smaller pop up Green Screen


Humbledinger's crew is experienced with a range of the latest equipment. We only use the best cameras and kit suited to your projects and we will discuss the most appropriate options for your needs.

  • “We wanted to thank you for the work you have done for us, it has been great to work with such a creative and reliable team. The videos were very well received by the public and professionals alike. The process from beginning to end was a pleasure and we found working with you very constructive for our project.”

    — Fran Rayner and Alicia Vedio NHS - HIT Sheffield